Guest Article: Starting Your Big Data Lab For POC

Sushil Pramanick

Sushil Pramanick

In continuation to my previous blog – 6 Steps to Start Your Big Data Journey, I want to address here the How should you start your Big Data Journey with the Lab.

 What is the Big Data Lab?

 The Big Data Lab is a dedicated development environment, within your current technology infrastructure, that can be created explicitly for experimentation with emerging technologies and approaches to Big Data and Analytics.

 Key Activities within the Big Data Lab:

  • Assemble a selected set of technologies to be evaluated during your 2-3 months.
  • Test permutations against high value use cases
  • Develop recommendations from the testing scenarios to drive future architecture and usage


What should be the Big Data Lab’s objectives?

  • Deliver 2-3 “Quick Wins” to demonstrate the value of these technologies from both an IT and business perspective
  • Create a “Proof-of-Concept” that show’s how these technologies can be integrated into your enterprise existing architecture
  • Future state AI architecture recommendations
  • Deliver low-cost, high-performance agile BI and data discovery, with a focus on Big Data technologies
  • Pilot new analytical capabilities and use cases to prove business value and inform long-term roadmap to compete on analytics
  • Establish a permanent “Innovation Hub” within your architecture and center for Big Data and analytics skill-building


What components to consider in your Big Data Lab?




What’s the proposed Hadoop Infrastructure for Big Data Lab:


What’s a sample Use Case for your Big Data Lab:




Big Data Lab’s research mission is to identify, engineer and evaluate innovative technologies that address current and future data-intensive challenges. In order to unlock the potential of Big Data you need to overcome a significant number of research challenges including: managing diverse sources of unstructured data with no common schema, removing the complexity of writing auto-scaling algorithms, real time analytics, suitable visualization techniques for Petabytes scale data sets etc. The Big Lab will provide you the platform to test your hypothesis and integrate your big data efforts across your organization.

Author Bio

Sushil Pramanick is an Associate Partner at IBM Global Business Services and a senior information technology executive. Sushil has consistently ranked in Top 50/100/200 industry rankings in Big Data Analytics and Data Science. Sushil is also founder and president of a global non-profit origanization – The Big Data Institute (TBDI).

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