About Us

HPC ASIA has been founded by Saurabh Pandey.

Saurabh Pandey, who is also the CEO and Editor, has spent over 15 years in organizations like Google, Bharti Airtel and OLX in leadership roles. HPC ASIA is Asia’s #1 source of information, update and analysis on HPC scene coupled with developments in cloud and big data. The online portal reaches out to both business and technology experts in government and private sectors as well as experts in academics and research sectors.

HPC ASIA is a new age platform with very relevant social integrations to empower the decision makers with apt knowledge gathering and sharing.

Lubhawna Soni, Armed with a certificate in creative writing from BBC and over half a decade experience in companies like Yamaha and Sapient among others, she is the Assistant Editor at HPC ASIA.

Priya Rana- Is our news and social person. She smells good news and also leverages social channels to distribute and collaborate with thought leaders.

Alok Garg heads advertising sales and sponsorships and is the key person who makes money for us.

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