4 Busted Myths That Will Propel You To Cloud

You think cloud is just a fad,  it is insecure and it is expensive?  You are not alone.  But these re not the right reasons for not adopting cloud.  Most of these are also no more than myths. Find for yourself, and if you disagree, do write to us, we shall share your point of view with all our readers:

  • The Cloud is Risky

    When you lose control of how data is stored, shared , secured and how it is used then things become risky. With cloud you almost never lose control right from origination to end point of data


  • Expensive

    Over a period of say 3-5 years you save much more on cloud than on private infrastructure in terms of hardware, maintenance, updates and upgrades, training , compliance etc. There are hidden costs in cloud but if you cover that cloud over a mid-long term is always a cheaper and more efficient option


  • Security Concerns

    Two things to consider here, never look at security in a generalized way. There would be security threats that would be unique to your businesses and you may have better insights into them  A shared strategy where focused threat management with your participation and a comprehensive strategy to measure and control threats is the best way to go. Remember, security is not the best or only component that you should consider whether to go on cloud or not. You will need to find a way to work with cloud and the given security scenario.


  • Companies are experimenting with Cloud

    In a study it was declared that 58 percent of the enterprises spend more than 10 percent of their annual IT budgets on cloud services. That is serious money being poured into cloud by a significant chunk of enterprises. Businesses that are early movers will learn more and adapt fast in changing environment. So even if this is an experiment, invest in cloud



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