Smart Cities In India- Dream Or Reality

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In October we heard the news that USA will help India in creating 3 smart cities. These 3 cities will be Allahabad, Ajmer and Vishakhapatnam. Just to put things in context Indian government plans to develop 100 smart cities and has allocated INR 7060 crores in the present union budget, which was later described as the seed money to get the projects rolling.

What are Smart Cities?

Smart Cities are cities that are eco-friendly cities with technology playing a key role in making them efficient and functional.

The Smart City Council , an industry backed initiative describes Smart Cities, as cities that leverage data gathered from smart sensors through a smart grid to create a sustainable, livable and workable city.

Where does HPC fit here?

Well, the data that the sensors grab, will be Big Data, if not today, then certainly tomorrow. When your parks, road signs, footpaths, cars and what have you start generating data, you need a powerful grid to collect, store, process and create meaning out of it.

As per a 2001 census report, roughly 600m people will start living in cities as compared to 290m in 2001. If the cities are not smart then there is no way one can accommodate such a huge population in an unsustainable way.

Smart Cities are a necessary reality for India.

As if the US supporting India in this endeavor is not enough, less than a week back Russia signed an accord with India on setting up a Smart City on the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor. Russian company AFK Sistema will help in establishing the Smart City in India. Infact there are also plans to start a joint Supercomputer Center: Proposal for establishing Joint Supercomputer Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (JSCC RAS), collaboration on various applications of High Performance Computing (HPC)

Infact Cisco India has already rolled out its blueprint of Smart City. Spread over 2.6 million square feet, and designed as a campus-as-a-city for thousands of Cisco employees to work, play and learn, the Cisco Smart City is a spectacular showcase of how a pervasive physical network infrastructure can easily connect to devices (such as sensors, information access points and mobile devices) and with a high degree of security.

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Smart Cities are a reality for India and this dream has now started to take shape. We wil be covering the Smart Cities very aggressively in HPCTechASIA in the coming time.






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