Crowd Sourced Supercomputing- The Next Frontier!

Crowd sourced supercomuting

We heard about a project called “Zennet Supercomputer”, which plans on using crowdsourced-computing to create one mega computing powerhouse of network on the planet.

The concept behind Zennet is very interesting. People can contribute additional computing powers to Zennet in return for Zencoins (just like bitcoins or any other virtual currency you find today on gaming and social platforms)

One can use zencoins to purchase more high performance computing time implying that the Zennet Supercomputer will always be available to anyone with enough Zencoins.

Built on blockchain technology, the Zennet Supercomputer network is more resistant to network attacks. While traditional supercomputers have a restricted location and one centralised command and resource center; in the case of Zennet Supercomputer, any one machine collapsing won’t be a problem.

Very clearly Zennet is competing with Amazon Web Services, as a distributed computing powerhouse; only the future can tell us which way the crowd sourced computing will go.

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