Report Shows That Indian Data Protection Market Is Mature Than Europe’s

With growing investments in data protection tools, Indian enterprises have turned out to be just one level below their US counterparts and much higher than Germans, French and British companies when it comes to data protection maturity, an EMC report shows.

The study titled EMC Global Data Protection Index surveyed 3,300 enterprises in 24 countries. EMC gave India a data protection maturity score of 36.6 as against 42.48 given to China, which was found to be the most mature market for data protection.

According to the report, average annual loss per company is 1.78 TB of data, which is equivalent to around 18 million e-mails and cost $2.8 million. Enterprises with three or more data protection vendors suffered more disruptions and data loss, as per the report. Yet, 70 per cent of the companies were found to have three vendors on an average. According to the survey, 62 per cent of respondents found it difficult or very difficult to protect data when dealing with big data, hybrid cloud and mobi ..

The survey highlighted that enterprises are losing as much as $1.7 trillion through data loss and unplanned downtime of their IT systems.

Sen said while India did perform better than its European peers in data protection maturity, the situation is still far from ideal. “Data protection is a big issue globally. Just because India fared better than many other countries does not mean that Indian enterprises have ideal data protection practices,” he said. The ideal score should be 76 to 10 ..

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