Advantech and Microsoft Collaborates To Build Asia’s First IoT-Cloud

Advantech has announced  that it will collaborate with Microsoft to build Asia’s first IoT WISE-Cloud (Wireless IoT Solutions Embedded, WISE) platform. Advantech and Microsoft will jointly develop solutions and products intended for the Internet of Things (IoT) with the aim of establishing a new cloud application model.

Chaney went on to say that Advantech is deepening its concept of the traditional IoT 3I (Instrumented, Interconnected and Intelligent) concept to develop an IoT cloud platform called WISE-Cloud (Wireless IoT Solutions Embedded) by using comprehensive wireless networking technology. Moreover, in order to fully perceive data collected and then convert it into service and effectively apply it to business intelligence, Advantech collaborated with Microsoft at the Platform as a Service (PaaS) layer through the use of Advantech’s SusiAccess and Microsoft Azure.

Miller Chang, vice president of Advantech Embedded Core Computing said, “WISE-Cloud cooperation by Advantech and Microsoft not only enhances enterprise management efficiency, but also integrates various cloud service applications. In addition, there will be synergy through the various integrated cloud services, especially when used in business intelligence after data analysis.”

Roan Kang, general manager of M&O, Microsoft Taiwan, said,  “Big data analytics and machine learning have created more possibilities for business application. Microsoft Azure provides computing and analysis service in the context of the Internet of Things and enables the IoT industry to move toward the intelligent industry via machine learning,” said. “The strategic alliance between Advantech and Microsoft Taiwan allows Advantech to use Microsoft Azure cloud platform to process comprehensive data gathered from SUSIAccess solutions.

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