InnoLight Introduces A Full Family Of 100G QSFP28 Products For Cloud Data Centers And 100G CFP4 For Next-Generation Access And Metro Networks

InnoLight Technology Corporation, a leading supplier of high speed optical transceivers, today announced the release of its full family of 100G QSFP28 and 100G CFP4 transceivers.

As data center traffic is expected to triple in the next 5 years, the communications industry needs to upgrade its networks from 10G to 40G and to 100G. The IEEE 802.3bm 100G QSFP28 and CFP4 offer the latest technology to enable this rapid bandwidth expansion.

InnoLight’s 100G QSFP28/CFP4 product offerings include:

  •        100G QSFP28 AOC, P/N: TF-FCxxx-N00, up to 100 meters OM3 transmission
  •        100G QSFP28 SR4, P/N: TR-FC85S-N00, up to 100 meters OM3 transmission
  •        100G QSFP28 LR4, P/N: TR-FC13L-N00, up to 10km SMF transmission
  •        100G QSFP28 PSM4, P/N: TR-VC13T-N00, up to 2km SMF transmission
  •        100G CFP4 SR4, P/N: TR-KC85S-N00, up to 100 meters OM3 transmission
  •        100G CFP4 LR4, P/N: TR-KC13L-N00, up to 10km SMF transmission
  •        100G CFP4 ER4, P/N: TR-KC13E-N00, up to 30km SMF transmission

In addition, InnoLight will introduce 25G SFP28 AOC, SR and LR Lite in 2Q 2015.

“QSFP28 is emerging as the preferred form factor for data center networks in 100G following the wide adoption of the QSFP+ form factor in 40G. InnoLight will continue its price performance leadership in 40G and deliver the best of breed 100G solutions. InnoLight’s QSFP28 design is based on a unique and low cost optical platform which delivers the highest optical coupling efficiency in the industry. InnoLight’s state of the art manufacturing processes offer industry’s best mass production and cost reduction capabilities for complex high-end optical transceiver modules. InnoLight’s customers will enjoy the full benefit of the next generation 100G QSFP28 and CFP4 technologies,” said Osa Mok, Chief Marketing Officer of InnoLight Technology Corporation.

InnoLight’s QSFP28 and CFP4 products are now ready for sampling. Mass production is planned for 2H 2015. Please contact your local InnoLight sales representatives for further details.

About InnoLight

InnoLight Technology Corporation designs, builds and markets the best high speed optical transceivers for the cloud computing market. Its solutions offer superior technical performance, compelling value proposition, and time to market advantage that are critical for the sustaining growth of next generation data centers.

InnoLight was founded in April 2008 with venture investments from leading venture capital firms in the US and in China. Headquartered in Suzhou, China, InnoLight has sale offices and R&D centers in China, the US, and Taiwan. Customers include major Web 2.0 cloud operators, tier-one equipment OEMs, and leading system integrators in North America, Europe, and Asia.



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