HP Acquires Voltage Security In Big Data Encryption Push

In its press release, HP said Voltage Security would be folded into HP Atalla, its security division that already offers a tokenization solution that’s popular with financial service providers. Art Gilliland, Senior Vice President of HP Security Enterprise Products, expanded on that in a blog post, saying that the company plans to leverage Voltage Security’s solutions to offer its customers “unparalleled data protection capabilities built to close the gaps” that exist in current tokenization and encryption services.

“Voltage’s proven data-centric encryption and tokenization technology will complement HP Atalla, HP’s information security and encryption business, helping our customers protect their most sensitive information whether it lives in the cloud, across mobile platforms, in big data environments, or within legacy computer systems for critical regulatory compliance,” said Art Gilliland, senior vice president and general manager of enterprise security products at HP in prepared remarks.


“This announcement aligns with HP’s focus on end-to-end protection of the data itself, helping enterprises neutralize the impact of a breach and proactively combat new security threats,” he added.In a statement on the company’s website Voltage said HP “has the scale and resources to support” its customers: “With Voltage, HP will offer customers unparalleled data protection capabilities built to close the gaps that exist in traditional encryption and tokenization approaches.”Encryption companies are certainly gaining a growing share of attention from large IT vendors. Last year Microsoft bought Aorato to strengthen Active Directory security, IBM bought Lighthouse Security Group for its cloud encryption gateway technology, and BAE Systems bought SilverSky to revamp its cyber security efforts.


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