The Government Summit 2015- Shaping Future

The Organizing Committee of the Government Summit announced that as many as 93 countries will be participating this year in the biggest event of its kind in the world to discuss governments of the future as well as the critical changes taking place at the global level in the development of government services.

The Summit featured keynote addresses by:

  • Klaus Schwab, founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum, regarding the new global context and its impact upon governments
  • Hwang Woo-yea, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education of the Republic of Korea, regarding education as the driving force in Korea’s development
  • Boo-Keun Yoon, President of Samsung Electronics, on Samsung’s approach to innovation to stay ahead of the curve

The Government Summit includes more than 50 sessions about how the next generation of governments will create and share technological developments more strategically. Topics include using artificial intelligence to meet public needs; unlocking the power of mobile-based government; the use of big data; and the future of healthcare and education for citizens. Envisioning cities of the future will also be a theme of the Summit, with attendees considering how technology can be used to improve how we live, work and commute.

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