Flying Cars Futuristic Animation On Cloud Computing And Test Environment Management

Current and emerging cloud computing trends will underpin data processing, storage and serve as a host to provide information that will be required by such flying cars, to include music, video, engine transmission/faults info (that can be sent directly to the repairer), traffic reports, navigation, car ownership, history and all manner of connectivity to other devices and systems etc.

Cloud computing will power processing of business and personal data, store big data, whilst providing for significant costs reduction to overall spend on IT Infrastructure, it is already changing the way we do our work and live our lives.

Organisations continue to drive the growth of their business, focusing on rolling out to market new services/products or features in a timely manner to increase their profit margin and remain competitive using emerging and current Information technology precepts. An increased number of application development projects are emerging to capture and implement these new business requirements all requiring test and development environments to develop and thoroughly test new applications or features. These test, development, preproduction environments are costly to provision, maintain and can take up to three months to deliver the host servers.

By using resources in the cloud to host test/dev environments on a pay as you need basis, this cost is significantly reduced by possibly up to 20 to 30% and the time scale required to deliver the host infrastructure is cut down very significantly.

By providing solutions such as our test environments booking system “tebs”, a Software as a Service subscription based system and by providing a cloud test environments provisioning service, we will assist in ensuring successful project delivery of new applications.

“The future is exciting and at testenvironmentsmanagement (TEM), we are leveraging Cloud Computing technology to improve application testing and successful project delivery one step at a time, visit us at or sign up to use tebs at



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