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An Ecommerce hosting platform handles not only your website, but also the transactions made by your customers. It?s not easy for someone to give their personal information on any website. Having that information kept secure is a way you can develop customer trust.

What is at risk? Ecommerce websites need to process and store customers information like their name, credit card number, and even their choice of purchases. Financial information like a credit card number and a person’s identity can pose a serious risk as it can be used to commit crimes like identity theft.
There are other risks you should be concerned about like when hackers attempt to gain access to your website and use the data stored on it, or viruses that corrupt data which can cause server failures. There are malicious viruses that are known to wipe a server or a computer. If you encounter such virus and you have never done backups, you’ll have problems starting again.…

What kind of security will I have? You have three options in Ecommerce platform security: dedicated security, cloud security, and data center security.

Dedicated Security

This type of security is similar to a dedicated server. Dedicated security offers the most protection against viruses and against hackers that are trying to access your website, unlike a shared security where you website can get infected from viruses spreading within a shared server. However, dedicated security is the most expensive security available.

There are alternatives where an Ecommerce server will create a virtual partition to create private servers, which can strengthen the barriers against viruses and hackers. However, they still share a physical server, thus, they will still have vulnerabilities coming from the server

Data Center Security

A server with data center will have state-of-the-art security which most data centers have been using to prevent anyone to gain access to the servers. Data center is an expensive option because you either have to invest your own server or rent one from a hosting provider. A cost-efficient solution would be to rent a space in the server racks from the hosting provider in which they house their own servers.
Cloud Security
Cloud security is a cheap alternative to dedicated and data center securities as all your website’s security features are run in a cloud server. With cloud security, your website will be more reliable and more scalable since it runs in a separate server.

Website security comes with a price but when you choose the right commerce server for your website, the only problem you’ll encounter is how you can run your business successfully.Article Source: Commerce Server, an integgris software solution, is a business and enterprise-ready Ecommerce platform solution that uses Service Oriented Architecture to provide commerce effectiveness through making products and customer management more user-friendly. Learn more about Aivea Commerce Server by visiting the website.`



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