Contexti Partners with VoltDB for Fast, Smart Data

a premier Big Data Platform Services company, has today announced a partnership with VoltDB.“Contexti’s mix of technical depth and focus on business value will serve VoltDB customers well across Asia Pacific.”

“As customers seek to build out their next-generation data platforms and business applications, the need for real-time data processing and analytics is a must have,” said Sidney Minassian, Founder & CEO of Contexti. “VoltDB’s database is purpose built for intelligence and speed. We love the fact that it offers full SQL compliance, works stand-alone and integrates tightly with Hadoop. We’re excited to be partnering with VoltDB to bring this capability to market in Asia Pacific.”

VoltDB is an in-memory, scale-out SQL database purpose-built to power a new generation of applications that thrive on fast, smart data. Tapping the lightning speed and real-time analytics of VoltDB, organizations are able to add context and intelligence to data – the instant it arrives – to make real-time transactional decisions that maximize business value.

As part of this partnership, Contexti will offer training, consulting and first-line support for VoltDB. In addition, VoltDB will be a supported product in the Stream layer of the Contexti Big Data Platform-as-a-Service (Big Data PaaS).

“Contexti has created a stand-out training, consulting and managed services offering to help customers with their next-generation data platforms,” said Bruce Reading, President and CEO of VoltDB. “Contexti’s mix of technical depth and focus on business value will serve VoltDB customers well across Asia Pacific.”

About Contexti

Contexti is a premier Big Data Platform Services company.

We architect, implement and manage Big Data Platforms that support Advanced Analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Digital Enterprise, enabling our customers to drive growth, innovate and compete.

Our Big Data Platform-as-a-Service solutions support all Hadoop distributions and are flexible with on-premise, hosted, public or private cloud deployments.

Our value-add services include Training and Consulting in Hadoop, NoSQL, Data Science and Architecture.

Partner with Contexti, and together, let’s Create Value from Data™.

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