Better Livelihoods On Guizhou Province Tour

Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the government of southwest China’s Guizhou Province to pursue economic development through innovation and improve people’s livelihoods during a tour of the province between Tuesday and Thursday.

Xi made a stop in Huamao village of Zunyi County that has been lifted out of poverty in recent years on Tuesday. He visited greenhouses, financial centers, bamboo and pottery workshops to learn how poverty reduction projects are running.

Xi chatted with the villagers, saying the Communist Party of China (CPC) central committee cares a lot about farmers, particularly those in poverty, and has enacted various policies to boost rural development.

Xi told villagers that “a good life is created with one’s own hands” and nothing will stand in their way if they are confident and determined.

Xi also visited the venue of the 1935 Zunyi Conference where Mao Zedong established his authority within the military.

After watching a video clip of a battle where the Red Army, led by the CPC, crossed the Chishui River four times in the fight against Kuomintang forces, Xi exclaimed “Chairman Mao was a true master of the art of war, and the battle is a textbook case of mobile warfare.”

Xi called the conference “a watershed even in the history of the CPC”. The conference showed the path China should take, which was to adopt Marxism principles according to China’s reality, and to be independent and self-reliant, he said.

Guizhou is home to data centers for China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the three largest Chinese telecommunication operators. Xi visited China Telecom’s cloud computing research park and watched demonstrations of its Internet applications.

In China Telecom’s data centers, each room housed nearly 2,000 servers. Xi was told the fourth-generation data centers were completely developed independently and there would be more than 800,000 servers after the construction of the state research park finished.

Although Guizhou is among the least developed regions in China, it has put more efforts developing its big data industry since last year, establishing a state-level big data agglomeration and aiming to contain two million servers. Some cities in Guizhou offer free city-wide WiFi service .

At a vocational school in Guiyang, Xi talked to a student learning to operate mechanical arms used manufacturing. Xi was then given an aluminum flake inscribed with the school motto, which was printed by a 3D printer.

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