4 Types Of Clouds For Asian SMBs

cloud for smb

The simplest cloud application that SMEs use, without knowing that they are using a cloud application, is email. eMails are the simplest and the first step towards cloud for SMEs in Asia.  They of course graduate quickly to backup and access cloud platforms like Dropbox or Mozi etc.

The cloud services market is also crowded and that makes it difficult for SMBs to choose the right one that meets their needs.

Also it’s important for SMBs to understand the type of cloud services available today and then categorize their needs accordingly.

So, here are the 4 major type of cloud services that SMBs need to comprehend before deploying or buying any cloud application


  1. IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) :  Simplest and most basic of all the services that SMBs can adopt.  IaaS can be further segments as follows:

 a. Compute services:  The cloud can offer the entire suite of computing services right from processing to             memory to storage                and networking . SMBs hence need to invest less in hardware or processing acquisition           and can buy the same on-demand
b. Hosting Services:  traditional hosting powered up by on-demand, pay per use type of services
c. Backup & recovery services: Critical and must have for every SMB.  This also operates on pay-per use or on-demand model.
d. Storage services- Cloud storage necessary for disaster management and compliance where data is needed to be safely stored for long       term

2. PaaS (Platform as a service): For SMBs that want to develop their own applications without investing in development environment and want to use it from cloud (mobile application, testing or database integration requirements)
3. SaaS: (Software as a service):  Simple and plug and play concept for SMBs that want to  source applications from the cloud platform and offer to their customers. Many services like Accounting, BI or CRM solutions can be examples of Saas (Quickbooks, Zoho etc.)

4. CaaS (Communication as a service):  If SBs want to use communication services like click to call, VoiP calling etc. then CaaS offers them a platform for consumption of these services as well as as to bundle and resale these services to customers.

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