4 Innovative Cloud Storage Solutions You Should Know About

As enterprises become more mobile, the workforce more global and organizations culture beocming friendlier towards BYOD, cloud slowly takes the seat at helm.  Cloud has percolated so well that it is being used at a global or departmental level whether there is a policy or not –simply beciause it makes sense to use it

Today let us take a glimpse into the world of a few of the novel cloud storage solutions , you may have knows a few and rest you may discover today:

So here are the 4 Cloud Storage Solutions to watch Out in 2015
[list][item icon=”Select a Icon” ]Symform:[/item][/list]
2GB of desktop hdd storage = 1 GB of cloud storage. That defines this unique concept. At Symform you kick start with 10GB of cloud storage for free and then allow Symform to use unused hdd space on your computer and get more cloud storage for free.













Needless to say this concept may just send shivers down the spine of your IT Manager, but what the heck we are living in a shared economy coupled with Symforms very secure architecture. As per their website: In order for someone to access a single block of your file they would need to be able to identify the correct 96 random devices where the fragments of the block were stored, compromise each of those devices, extract the fragments, and reassemble them. They would need to repeat this process for potentially hundreds of blocks just to reassemble one file. Then they’d have to break the encryption. In addition to protection from attack, our secure online backup protects your data from both natural and man-made disasters

[list][item icon=”Select a Icon” ]Dego[/item][/list]

You can say Dego is a sibling to Symform, works in the same way, except that it gives 100 GB of cloud storage free! They encrypt using 128-bit AES before splitting all backed up files into tiny encrypted pieces and spreading them across the globe





[list][item icon=”Select a Icon” ]Mediafire:[/item][/list]

MedaFire is a startup but a generous one. It offers a straight 50GB free cloud storage and has multi-platform accessibility rihjt from Windows, to OSX nad Linux and have recently introduced their android and iOS apps as well.




[list][item icon=”Select a Icon” ]Otixo[/item][/list]

The last one in our list is not really a cloud storage player but is an immensely helpful one, especially for those of us who in their endeavour of running after free cloud storage space ended up registering with 3-4 major players.


The challenge for us then is how to manage so many accounts? Otixo creates a one –view dashboard and lets you signin and view into all your cloud storage platforms and manage from one single place.

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