India, Russia Working On Pact To Collaborate In Science And Technology

India and Russia are working together on an agreement to collaborate in the field of science and technology, which will enable the two countries to exchange ideas on technology, scientists and students.

“It’s a general agreement (between Russia and India) related to collaboration in science and technology. This is in the form of exchange of scientists, students and technologies… Also there are some joint collaborative projects between the universities and scientists, so they develop things together,” said Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary Professor of the Department of Science and Technology.

Mr Sharma said, “It is not focused on one particular technology, but all general exchange of information, scientists and technological know-how relating to energy, green technologies, super-computing in big data.”

The two countries have entered into an agreement to set up the Russian-Indian Association of Universities. The Russian Science Foundation (RSF) and the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology have announced that they would jointly sponsor an international team competition in the field of scientific research.

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