Dell, InMobi Are Becoming Tech-Partner

Mobile advertising platform InMobi and PC maker Dell are strengthen their partnership by developing and customizing Dell hardware and software specific to the requirements of InMobi. The partnership will provide engineering platform to co-develop next-gen datacentre solutions for InMobi

As part of the partnership, InMobi will gain exclusive rights to select Dell products made available for beta testing and customization through the InMobi—Dell datacentre solutions. InMobi will help Dell draw insights into the needs of its customers on servers, networking and storage for high computing needs and big data requirements, the companies said.

“InMobi’s new, innovative discovery platform, Miip, requires an equally innovative data and tech platform that operates at large scale. Over the last 12 months our partnership with Dell has moved towards strategic proposition. While we have significantly gained from the tailor-made solutions, we continue to engage closely with Dell on the new generation servers, network and storage by leveraging each other strengths.

The joint effort has capability to disrupt this space for all demanding applications and big data requirements. We are excited at the potential to collaborate with a technology infrastructure leader like Dell,” said Mohit Saxena, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

The partnership will be an ongoing engagement to run InMobi’s enterprise IT with Dell’s server, storage, and networking solutions. There will be scope to further broaden this engagement in areas such as analytics, cloud infrastructure, security etc., where the entire Dell portfolio can be applicable to InMobi.

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