Children’s Day Special- The Supercomputer Is My Best Friend!

hpc in asia

We are well aware of the high infant mortality rates in Asian countries. While countries like India are showing some improvement it’s still at about 43 per 1000 babies born,  and not to mention Afghanistan with 121 per 1000 babies, which is not a great indicator on the Children’s Day to talk about. However it’s pertinent that we discuss how supercomputing can and is impacting children health in Asia and beyond.

In fact Rotavirus is one of the culprits for the infant mortality, with over half a million infant deaths attributed annually in Africa and Asia.

A modeling software, HERMES, is now helping doctors and researchers to vaccinate kids at a lower cost in  The Republic Of Benin in West Africa.

The HERMES Logistics Modeling Team, consists of researchers from Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), the University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,

Results from the HERMES model have helped the country enact some initial changes in their vaccine delivery system, which may lead to further changes nationwide.

Another good news comes from Phoenix Children’s Hospital, which has now agreed to use a special data based technology to provide treatment to children suffering with advanced form of cancer.  This technology belongs to Dr. Shoon-Siong , who is also known as the world’s richest doctor  with an estimated worth of USD12b

The system works like this in theory:

A cancer patient will have a complete genomics—from DNA to blood proteins—analysis via an amalgamated “supercomputer.”

Within minutes, the electronic network will decide which drugs should be used for treatment based on the genome.

The patient will be sent home with the needed treatments and technology that allows doctors to monitor him in real time from a monitoring hub.

Doctors at the hub evaluate the efficacy and costs of various treatment options to arrive at the best option.
The hospital intends to treat 125 children in the first year and 300 the year after.

On the Children’s Day, this is a silver lining indeed where High performance computing is helping save the lives of our children.   If you have similar case studies or stories do submit to us and we shall be glad to publish them and share with the community here.

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