India’s First Multi-Petaflops Supercomputer Launch At IITM In Pune

India’s first multi-petaflops supercomputer would be inaugurated at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) in Pune.

Union Minister of Earth Sciences, Dr Harsh Vardhan, will dedicate it to the nation on January 8.

The acquisition of the supercomputer is part of the Ministry of Earth Sciences’ (MoES) endeavour to provide world-class services (relating to weather, climate, ocean, seismological forecast) to the people of India, according to a press statement issued here.

In order to provide useful services, MoES runs several computationally intensive applications on High Performance Computers (HPC). In the last 10 years, the HPC infrastructure at MoES institutes has grown from 40 Teraflops in 2008 to 1 Petaflop in 2013-14.

At present, MoES’ HPC system stands at 368th position in Top500 list. With around 1.0 PF peak capacity, India’s HPC ranking is much below the rankings of major countries that generate weather/climate forecasts.

To provide better services and improve its position, MoES has recently augmented its computational capacity up to 6.8 PF installed at two MoES Institutes: 4.0 PetaFlops HPC facility at IITM, Pune and 2.8 PetaFlops at NCMRWF, Noida.

With this augmentation, MoES HPC facility will be No 1 in terms of peak capacity and performance.

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