The Smart Cities Dilema

With double decker and triple decker flyovers, metro trains running under ground and over the ground,  many cities across Asia today can hardly be compared to what they were 2 decades ago!

Now with the smart city concept cities are ready to take one more giant leap into the future. They are all set to transition into something  very different from what we see them as today.

But among many challenges and dilemmas, there is one specific fear that many people, who are also potential residents of these smart cities, have.

And that fear is- with so much of technology going into the making of a smart city, can the technology players begin to rule our life?

What is implied here is that smart cities will be geared to handle a huge volume of data along with variety to create sense and predict several outcomes and take appropriate decisions.  This requires cutting edge networks and software.

But we all know that analytics software coupled with cloud and big data harnessing is all a new field.  For all you know the technology of the tech giants might be obsolete in the next half a decade.

Second issue is tech-black-mail, what if your smart city has signed a lock-in period within which a lot of things get disrupted? There is a huge cost of being bound up with an obsolete technology- both in terms of opportunity cost and also in terms of joining the new tech platform/vendor after the lock-in period is over.

Third issue is something that is under debate and there is no clear or perfect answer to it, implying how to ensure privacy and how to define privacy in such a way that there is complete transparency of public data yet privacy of individuals be maintained.

How do you think smart cities will address these issues?  Write back and we will be glad to publish your comments or articles in HPC-ASIA

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