Supermicro® Green Computing Solutions From Ultra Servers To MicroBlade Transform Digital Business @ CeBIT, Hannover

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI), a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server, storage technology and green computing highlights its latest solutions transforming Enterprise, Data Center and Cloud infrastructure to meet demands for higher density and efficiency without compromising on performance. For the most demanding Enterprise applications, the highly innovative architecture of the 1U/2U Ultra SuperServer® offers maximum performance, flexibility, scalability and serviceability with support for dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 (up to 160W), 24x DIMM slots, 4-port 10GBase-T, 10G SFP+, 40G QSFP, up to 10x hot-swap NVMe SSDs, 7x PCI-E 3.0 (x8) expansion slots and intelligent, cold redundant Titanium Level high-efficiency (96%) digital power supplies. For hyperscale Data Center and Cloud environments, the 6U MicroBlade microserver offers a flexible, modular, 28 blade platform supporting a variety of configurations from low-power 112 node Intel® Atom™ C2550 (4-Core, 2.4GHz) or Intel® Atom™ C2750 (8-Core, 2.4GHz), to performance oriented 28 node dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 (up to 14-core, 120W), single E3-1200 v3 or 4th Gen Core i3 (up to 84W) with a new 28x 10GbE downlink and 4x 40GbE QSFP uplink switch module. A newly announced MicroBlade offering an optimal balance of energy-efficiency, performance, and density will support 56 Intel® Xeon® processor D-1500 compute nodes with integrated 10GbE.


Supermicro will showcase its extensive line of SuperServer, SuperBlade, SuperStorage, and Networking solutions including the industry’s widest selection of server-class motherboards for extreme solution customization. Highlights include VMware® certified 4U FatTwin™ VMware® Virtual SAN™ Ready Nodes for Hypervisor-converged storage and 2U TwinPro²™ VMware® EVO:RAIL™ for hyper-converged infrastructure and SDDC, 3U MicroCloud, 7U SuperBlade, Data Center Optimized solutions, High Performance Computing (HPC), Hyper-Speed, SuperStorage, and Embedded solutions.


“Supermicro is transforming digital business with our Green Computing solutions featuring the latest, most advanced acceleration technologies such as hot-swap NVMe, DDR4, 10/40/100G along with cooling architecture innovations and intelligent, cold redundant digital power supplies to deliver maximum compute performance and density with minimum power consumption,” said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. “Our unrivaled range of products enables lowest TCO with perfectly matched solutions, optimized for any scale application. Combined with our system design expertise, time-to-market advantages and Global expansion of service and support networks, Supermicro is driving the future of computing with total end-to-end solutions.”

Supermicro® Green Computing Solution Exhibit Highlights

  • 1U/2U Ultra Series SuperServers – maximum performance, flexibility, scalability and serviceability for the most demanding scale out, virtualization applications in Enterprise, Data Center and Cloud environments. Supports dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 (up to 36 cores, 160W TDP), up to 1.5TB of memory in 24x DIMMs, SATA3 with optional SAS3, up to 10x 2.5” hot-swap NVMe drives in 1U for increased storage bandwidth and serviceability, and energy efficient Titanium Level high-efficiency (96%+) digital power supplies. Offers 1G, 10GBASE-T, 10G SFP+, 40G, and InfiniBand options and up to 4x add-on cards in 1U and up to 8x add-on cards in 2U (SYS-1028U-TNR4T+, SYS-1028U-TN10RT+, SYS-2028U-E1CNR4T+)
  • 6U MicroBlade – 28x-112x compute nodes in high-density 6U microserver chassis. Supports low power Intel® Atom™, 4th Gen Core™ and performance oriented Xeon E3-1200 v3, E5-2600 v3 and coming D-1500 processors. Two network module options include a 4x 2.5/1GbE switch with 2x 40GbE QSFP uplinks or 8x 10GbE SFP+ uplinks or a second option, 2x 10GbE switch with 4x 40GbE QSFP uplinks per enclosure. Features redundant 2000W Titanium Level High Efficiency (96%) digital power supplies and up to 96% cable reduction compared to 1U servers (MBI-6128R-T2/-T2X, MBI-6118D-T2(H)/-T4(H), MBI-6418A-T7H/-T5H, coming soon MBI-6218G-T41X)
  • 7U SuperBlade – advantages include maximum density, affordability, reduced management costs, lower power consumption, optimal ROI, and high scalability. Modules support latest Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v3 and are available in TwinBlade®, GPU/Xeon Phi Blade, Storage Blade with NVMe support, Data Center Blade, PCI-E Blade and 4-Way Blade (Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v2) solutions. Chassis feature industry’s only hot-swap NVMe solutions, hot-plug switch modules supporting Infiniband FDR/QDR, FC/FCoE, Layer 2/3 1/10 GbE, chassis management module (CMM) and redundant 3000W/2500W/1620W (3+1), hot-swap Platinum Level digital power supplies  (SBI-7128RG-X/F/F2, SBI-7228R-T2F/T2F2/T2X, SBI-7128R-C6(N), SBI-7428R-T3/C3(N), SBI-7147R-S4F/S4X, SBI-7127RG3)
  • 3U MicroCloud – High-density, energy efficient modular MicroCloud is available in various configurations to support a wide range of applications in Cloud Computing, Web Hosting, Video Streaming and CDN applications. 24-node systems support Intel® Atom processors C2750 (20w, 8-Core), Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v3, 12-node systems support Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v3/v2 and AMD Opteron™ 3000 series (65W 8/4 Cores), and 8-node systems support Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v2 (up to 130W), Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v3 and Intel® 4th Gen Core™ i3, Intel® Celeron®, and Intel® Pentium®
  • VMware® Certified Solutions – 4U FatTwin™ (SYS-F628R3-RTB) Virtual SAN™ Solutions targeted at a multitude of use cases in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Tier 2/3 production workload and disaster recovery environments supporting up to 400 VMs, 2U TwinPro²™ (SYS-2028TP-VRL001) EVO:RAIL Solutions offer a complete Hyper-converged Infrastructure Appliance combining the optimal balance of CPU, memory, SSD, NVMe and 10GbE resources into a single 2U, 4-node form factor to create a simple, easy-to-deploy building block for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)
  • Data Center Optimized (DCO) –  supports up to: 1TB of DDR4, 2133MHz memory in 16x DIMMs, 4 add-on cards including SAS mezzanine card, 10x SATA 3.0 (6Gbps) ports, up to 2x GbE LAN, 4 internal NVMe ports, and an improved thermal architecture that utilizes power efficient components, offset processors that help eliminate CPU preheating, and highest-efficiency power supplies to allow higher operating temperatures (SYS-6018R-MTR, SYS-6018R-TDTP, SYS-6018R-TDW)
  • 1U/2U WIO SuperServers – cost-effective, flexible platforms offering a wide range of I/O options via riser card expansion to optimize storage and networking alternatives for applications in general purpose, ERP/MRP, and Network, Security environments (SYS-1028R-WMRT, SYS-1028R-WC1R, SYS-5038AD-iL)
  • NVIDIA® GPU/Intel® Xeon Phi™ – 1U/2U/3U/4U/Tower/Blade platforms that support massive parallel processing in CPU/GPU hybrid solutions optimized for extreme density and scalability in HPC and Supercomputing applications. (SYS-1028GR-TR, SYS-5018GR-T)
  • 1U Hyper-Speed – Supermicro Hyper-Speed solutions deliver world-record performance with compute speed and memory bandwidth capabilities while providing enterprise class reliability for mission critical applications. Built upon the X10DRU-X and X10DAX series motherboards, Supermicro is able to enhance the highest performance Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 (165W+) processors and DDR4 with its proprietary Hyper-Speed hardware acceleration technology, and the industry’s only hot-swap NVMe solutions achieving application performance improvements up to 78% faster than the previous generation. (SYS-1028UX-CR-LL1)
  • 4U 4-Way – (SYS-8048B-TRFT/SYS-4048B-TRFT) Supports quad Intel® Xeon® processor E7-8800 v2/E7-4800 v2, up to 6TB DDR3 1600MHz ECC RDIMMs and LRDIMMs in 96x DIMM slots, 24x 3.5″ hot-swap SAS2/SATA3 HDDs (8048B) or  24x 2.5″ hot-swap 12Gb/s SAS3/SATA3 HDD or SSD; 48x 2.5″ Hot-swap HDD/SSD option (4048B) , 2x RJ45 10GBase-T ports plus 1x dedicated LAN port for IPMI on AOM up to 4x 1620W Redundant (N+1) Platinum Level (95%+) power supplies.
  • SuperStorage – 2U/3U/4U form factors, each server capable of supporting up to 7 PCI expansion slots and Supermicro’s wide line of DP and UP motherboards. SC847D Double-Sided Storage® JBOD chassis supports up to 90 hot-swap 3.5” storage bays in 4U (CSE-847DE26-R2K02JBOD)
  • SuperWorkstations – 4U/Tower/Desktop systems optimized for workloads ranging from general purpose desktop computing to extreme performance 3D design/visualization, CAD/CAM/CAE, Gas and Oil exploration, medical imaging, and simulation (SYS-7048GR-TR, SYS-7048R-C1RT4+)
  • Embedded Solutions – Supermicro provides the widest selection of Embedded Building Block Solutions offering compact, low-power, long-life platforms optimized for a wide range of applications in Communications/Storage/Networking/Iot Appliances, Digital Signage, Digital Security and Surveillance, Gaming and Entertainment, Industrial Automation, Medical Instrumentation and Devices, and Defense/Aerospace  (SYS-5018D-FN4T, SYS-5028D-TN4T, SYS-5018A-FTN4, SYS-E200-8B, SYS-E100-8Q, SYS-5028A-TN4, SYS-5018A-TN7B, SYS-1018L-MP, X10SDV-TLN4F, CSE-514-R400C, CSE-721TQ-250B, CSE-504-203B, CSE-101S)
  • A+ AMD Solutions – Optimized for 16/12/8/4-Core AMD Opteron™ 6000/4000/3000 Series processors and based on the AMD SR56x0 / SP5100 chipset, these Supermicro solutions boost I/O performance with PCI-Express 2.0 to double throughput, increase performance and reduce power with DDR3 memory, and also reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) with high levels of integration and energy-efficient components. (2042G-LTRF NUMAScale, AS-1122G-URF4+, AS-3012MA-H12TRF, AS-1022TC-TF)
  • Top of Rack Network Switches – Enterprise-class Layer2/Layer3 top-of-rack switches available in a variety of 1/10GbE configurations to meet any scale Enterprise or Data Center application; 52-Port (48x10GbE SFP+/4x 40GbE QSFP) (SSE-X3348S), 24-Port (SFP+) (SSE-X24S/SR), 48-Port (RJ45) (SSE-G48-TG4), 24-Port (RJ45) (SSE-G24-TG4)
  • Server Management Software – Server Management Software: Supermicro Server Manager (SSM) manages wide portfolio of Supermicro servers deployed across datacenters and enables remote health monitoring, power management and firmware upgrades with a single console. SSM through automation capabilities such as REST API and CLI accelerates deployment and maintenance of servers from independent nodes to Hyperscale clusters. SSM is also packaged with Supermicro Power Manager (SPM) that can manage power on heterogeneous server vendor products and Supermicro Update Manager (SUM) that provides strong CLI interfaces for firmware upgrades.
  • Single (UP) Dual (DP) and Multi (MP) Processor Motherboards – Industry’s absolute widest selection of Intel® and AMD server-grade motherboards optimized for any scale server/storage application.



Visit Supermicro at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover, Germany, March 16th through the 20th at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Hall 2, Stand B52 (C58). For more information on Supermicro’s complete range of high performance, high-efficiency Server, Blade, Storage and Networking solutions, visit

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About Super Micro Computer Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI)

Supermicro® (NASDAQ: SMCI), the leading innovator in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology is a premier provider of advanced server Building Block Solutions® for Data Center, Cloud Computing, Enterprise IT, Hadoop/Big Data, HPC and Embedded Systems worldwide. Supermicro is committed to protecting the environment through its “We Keep IT Green®” initiative and provides customers with the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions available on the market.

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