SAP Deepening Its Partnership With Google Through Software Integration Plan

The future of the partnership with Google during SAP’s Sapphire Now 2015 event in Orlando, saying that it will “make work easier for people”. Revealed by  Bill McDermott (SAP chief executive). “What’s great about this first step, with all the big customers that we jointly have, is that we are now able to show the power of web and mobile computing and the power of all that data and computation that SAP has been producing for years,” he said.

“By putting them together, it’s also the first step in taking SAP services and putting them more and more onto the Google compute cloud platform.”

The existing partnership has already seen SAP apps made available on Google’s Android for Work mobile suite, along with enabling the creation of visualisations in SAP Lumira with enterprise data gleaned from Google Sheets.

SAP claims that the next steps will enable Lumira visualisations to be stored and shared in Google Drive and allow the flies to be stored as Google Docs so that they can be accessed on multiple devices.

​Nother key part of the plan is to enable apps using SAP’s Fiori user experience to access Google Apps, such as Google Calendar, from within Fiori apps.

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