SanDiskR launches New Bundled Solutions for Enterprise Data Centers & Enhances FlashSoft Caching Software Portfolio

Global leader in flash storage solutions, Scan Disk announced the immediate availability of the newest version of its FlashSoft® server-side, solid state caching software, which provides several notable performance, usability and compatibility improvements for Windows®, Linux® and VMware® environments.

A recent Gartner report indicates that “input/output (I/O) optimization software alleviates the “I/O blender” problem that often plagues dense virtual machine environments and notes that these solutions can be an inexpensive and non-disruptive way to boost application performance.”[1]  FlashSoft software does that and more. It reduces I/O latency in VMware vSphere®, Windows Server® and Linux environments through the use of server-side, flash-based storage caching, which helps increase application performance in both virtualized and non-virtualized computing environments.

By utilizing server-attached flash storage as an intermediate cache for an application’s most frequently accessed data, or “hot data,” FlashSoft software enables that data to be read and written more efficiently. The software assigns hot data to the solid-state cache, increasing performance while reducing storage area network (SAN) overhead.  This prolongs the useful life of current server and storage systems and delivers greater computing power, which increases customers’ return on investment (ROI), while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for their data center

FlashSoft deployments have shown that server-side solid-state caching provides substantial performance benefits to enterprise applications, such as online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads, online analytical processing (OLAP) applications and high performance computing (HPC). Most typical line-of-business applications—such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and applications based on databases, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle—will also see significant performance increases through the use of the FlashSoft software. Performance tests conducted by SanDisk using an industry-standard benchmark, showed that the new version of FlashSoft software increases application performance by over 14X compared to a baseline storage array comprised of HDDs. Storage latency was also significantly decreased, with application response times improving by more than 22X.2

The latest version of FlashSoft software includes a number of enhancements that help improve performance, compatibility and usability for Windows, VMware and Linux environments, including:

  • Windows Server:
  1. Improved support for Microsoft Hyper-V with Clustered Shared Volumes (CSV) to provide caching for Hyper-V hosts sharing storage volumes.
  2. Native support for hard disk drive and SSDs formatted with 4K sector size as well as 512K.
  • VMware vSphere:
  1. Certification by VMware as a Partner Verified & Supported Product (PVSP), providing customers with peace of mind that their software investment will have continued support and compatibility with VMware vSphere as new patches and updates are released.
  • Linux:
  1. Broad support for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux (RHEL) & SUSE kernels.
  2. Native support for HDDs and SSDs formatted with 4K sector size as well as 512K.

“SanDisk is an expert in solid-state storage and flash technology with a decades-long history of delivering innovation in this market,” said Al Bibergall, senior vice president sales, Sayers Technologies. “We’re excited to partner with SanDisk to deliver solid-state server-side caching that enables all the benefits of flash in an easy to acquire, easy to support and easy to adopt package.”




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