Salesforce launches “Salesforce Analytics Cloud” lauched the Salesforce Analytics Cloud which  provides support for a Wave Mobile Connector that enable end users to import raw data into the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, which then automatically renders that data in a way that is much easier to visualize.

Moreover, added a Wave Mobile Dashboard Designer and Wave Links tools that enables any custom application built on that platform to connect directly to specific data sets, charts or dashboards in the Analytics Cloud mobile application.

Anna Rosenman, director of product marketing for Salesforce Analytics Cloud, said about half the queries being made against the Salesforce Analytics Cloud come from mobile computing devices. The latest features being added to that service are designed to make the Salesforce Analytics Cloud a more natural extension of the mobile computing experience.

Coupling those capabilities with mobile computing devices ultimately serves to not only enable business users to make better decisions; they can make them faster. Instead of having to go back to the office to analyze spreadsheet data, business users can invoke the Salesforce Analytics Cloud to make those decisions from wherever they happen to be in the world.

As such, the analytics opportunity in the cloud is as much about helping organizations transform how they operate it as it is anything to do with the actual technology itself.




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