Run A DataCenter ? How Can You Get A Sound Sleep ?

Quick , how do you secure your datacenter?

Well the erstwhile approach of securing the facility, network and infrastructure needs to be better and we need to add more diverse elements of security as the cloud becomes omnipresent. While physical access control is a definite given, here are 4 other pointers imperative for a sound sleep:

 4 Pointers For Cloud Security

1.Create a ThreatoMap-  Understand how your data is being accessed, by who and from where.  This will give you a clarity by device, by location (work, home, others) and by user (in terms of rights). Also check the overlaps among type of users. This understanding is the first step in creating a periphery to work within.

 2. Given that a large part of your data is on cloud and that you have lesser control on almost everything, a keen eye on legal and regulatory pointers could be almost life saver. You need people in your team to tell you the impact of legal and compliance clauses that can  effect the way your data is being stored, processed and shared.

3.Audit-  Need to take this seriously and audit all key threat areas (intrusion, privacy breach,  overall security and access). Whether weekly, monthly, case-wise or quarterly, whether in the form of a scan or a full blow audit, this 3rd step is the most crucial pointer.

 4.The concept of coordinating networking devices, firewalls, SSL devices, and intrusion prevention solutions becomes useful in a cloud computing infrastructure because In cloud computing, it is about securing the data flows between data centers, client systems and data center, and between virtual machines within the data center

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