Regional Cloud Computing Center To launch in Luoyang City

Leading provider of integrated cloud-based platform, exchange, and big data solutions in China, China Information Technology, Inc. (the “Company” or “CNIT”) entered into a strategic agreement with the Luoyang National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (“Luoyang Hi-Tech Zone”) to establish the Company’s regional cloud-computing center in Luoyang City of Henan Province.

According to the agreement, CNIT will build a new regional cloud-computing center in the Luoyang Hi-Tech Zone to provide cloud-based services for customers in Luoyang City and Henan Province. In addition to preferential tax treatments from the Luoyang Hi-Tech Zone, the new facility will also enjoy free office space, supportive human resource policies and assistance in local hiring.

The Company will apply Internet technologies in data analytics, cloud computing, Internet-of-Things, and mobile Internet to improve work and lifestyles in Luoyang. In addition, it is expected that the CNIT cloud computing solutions will also help local companies obtain and manage operational data, help companies better understand customer needs and improve user experiences, and meet the needs of small- and medium-sized companies for new media-based marketing and promotions.

“On the heels of our successful promotion of the Annual Peony Festival, we are pleased to further our strategic relationship with the Luoyang business community and its municipal government,” said Mr. Jiang Huai Lin, Chairman and CEO of the Company. “Luoyang Hi-Tech Zone is a fast growing and environmentally sustainable economic hub in central China. After laying down the cloud computing infrastructure, we will leverage our Cloud-App-Terminal (CAT) new media solutions and Cloud Nest data services to help build an Internet-enabled growth model that would create more jobs and help transform Luoyang into a Smart City.”

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