Preview Of HPC In Asia Posters At ISC-2015

The HPC in Asia posters will be displayed alongside the Research Posters from Monday, July 13 through Wednesday, July 15 and during the HPC in Asia Poster Session on Wednesday, July 15 from 10:00 am – 11:00 am.

As official media partners we will bring you glimpses of the posters from the venue, but before that just a small preview of what you should be expecting at ISC 2015 Frankfurt – is right here:

  • (01A) BARAM: Virtual Wind-Tunnel System for CFD Simulation
  • (02A) Implementation & Evaluation of Coupled Multi-Scale Simulation for Seismic Wave & Building Vibration
  • (03A) HPC Real View, Analysis, Report through InClus
  • (04A) Interfacial Properties of Methanol-Water & Ethanol-Water Mixtures
  • (05A) Performance Optimization of Large-Scale Traffic Simulation on Parallel & Distributed Systems
  • (06A) Dynamic Load Balancing for Parallel Computation of Hierarchical Matrices
  • (07A) Evaluation of FFT Code for GPU Cluster Using Tightly Coupled Accelerators Architecture
  • (08A) Improving Cluster Management – KARAAGE
  • (09A) High Performance Quad-Precision Eigenvalue Solver: QPEigenK
  • (10A) Sparse Linear Solver Based on Extended ELL Storage Format of Coefficient Matrix for Manycore Architectures
  • (11A) Long Term Failure Analysis of 10 Petascale Supercomputer
  • (12A) Towards Cloud-Based Burst Buffers for I/O Intensive Computing in Cloud
  • (13A) SuCCoMBE: Spectral Coupled Multiphysics & Mechanics Bifurcation Method
  • (14A) Implementation & Performance of ICCG Solver Using OpenMP & OpenACC

Image Source: http://www.isc-hpc.com/

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