Overview Of Apache Hadoop EcoSystem – Part1

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Rohit Dhall

Apache Hadoop and related technologies are getting very popular in Big Data and Analytics world. These technologies serve very specific requirements though there exists some overlap between some of these technologies. It can get very confusing for an IT professional, coming from a non-Big Data domain, and try to understand, which technology is best suited for a given requirement.

This is the first part of two-part series, and discusses some of the critical technologies which are part of overall Hadoop ecosystem, and will also see some of the requirements/use-cases, which these technologies cater for.

Author Bio: 

Rohit is working as Enterprise Architect with Engineering and R & D Services division of HCL Technologies.His main area of expertise is architecting, designing and implementing high performance and highly available solutions for global clients in Telco and BFSI domain.He has worked on diverse technologies like java/J2ee,client server,P2P ,DWH,SOA and BigData etc.He is a also a coauthor of IBM Redbook and Redpaper on ‘ITCAM for WebSphere’.

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