NetApp Introduces New All-Flash Storage Array Designed To Accelerate High-Performance For Enterprise-Class SAN Applications

Today, NetApp, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) announced the NetApp® EF560 all-flash array with improvements in storage performance to offer the absolute and consistent latency, bandwidth and IOPS critical to enterprise database and analytics applications. Based on a new Storage Performance Council SPC-1 Result, the all-flash EF560 achieved the leading SPC-1 Price-Performance for all-flash arrays with an average response time of under one millisecond, at $0.54/SPC-1 IOPS.

“New deployments of server platforms, CPUs, operating systems and enterprise applications are driving IT leaders to rebalance their data center infrastructure and storage performance is a key success factor with these upgrades,” said George Kurian, executive vice president of Product Operations at NetApp. “Our new high-performance all-flash EF560 is exactly what enterprises need to serve their customers faster and provide a better overall user experience.”

Additionally, the company introduced the new NetApp E5600 hybrid array which leverages the flash optimizations of the EF560 in hybrid configurations using both solid-state drives and conventional disk drives. The hybrid E5600 storage array delivers increased performance and reliability for more capacity-intensive SAN applications including data warehousing, email and backup.

According to Leah Schoeb, senior partner and analyst, Evaluator Group, “The flash-based storage market has shown incredible growth over the past year as the solutions available continue to evolve to meet the demands of today’s enterprise applications. From high-frequency trading to real-time risk management, enterprises are seeing that flash storage performance can dramatically change their business.”

NetApp EF560 All-Flash Array—Applications that control key business operations such as databases, analytics and OLTP require both absolute performance and consistent response times in order to speed customer response times, deliver actionable results more quickly, and reach decisions faster.

The NetApp EF560 maximizes the value of flash to provide the top SPC-1 Price-Performance value for a storage array with an average response time of under one millisecond, reaching 245,011.76 SPC-1 IOPS with an average response time of 0.93 milliseconds in the SPC-1 Result. The new SPC-1 Result also confirmed that at 50 percent of the specified SPC-1 load level the EF560 delivers an impressive 122,491.97 SPC-1 IOPS at an average response time of 0.34 milliseconds.

NetApp E5600 Hybrid Array—The E5600 is the newest hybrid entry in the E-Series family offering a mix of flash and disk to provide cost-effective performance for more capacity-intensive applications such as email, SharePoint, HPC, OLAP, data warehouse and video. The E5600 seamlessly scales to petabytes.

Both the all-flash EF560 and the hybrid E5600 are supported with the latest NetApp SANtricity® 8.20 software. NetApp SANtricity 8.20 features multicore performance and online disk firmware upgrades. And, for database administrators, the all-flash EF560 and hybrid E5600 also offer integration with database management software including Oracle Enterprise Manager®, VMware vSphere®, Microsoft® Systems Center and Splunk®. Additionally, NetApp OnCommand® Insight storage management software provides operational best practices for capacity planning and storage utilization. For private cloud deployments, NetApp provides OpenStack® block storage (Cinder) drivers for the all-flash EF560 and hybrid E5600 arrays.

The EF560 and E5600 are available now. For more information on the all-flash EF560, visit here. For more information on the hybrid E5600 visit here.

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