Métier Announces 3D Big Data Visualization Technology

Métier, the business management and optimization platform, announced the capability to build three dimensional visualizations of project-related big data called Knowledge Cubes. The company has held a patent for three dimensional visualizations of project data for 10 years.
Business intelligence and project portfolio management software must deal with the large volumes of project-related big data that reside in numerous data sources. Many executives find it difficult to get real-time, validated data about the health of their portfolio without wading through numerous systems, spreadsheets, meetings, emails and reports. Knowledge Cubes by Métier solves this problem by condensing large volumes of information into three dimensional cubes with custom parameters for the information that a busy executive wants to see. For example, the cubes can show strategy, cost, risk, resource, time and other parameters in real-time.
“We’ve been working on this visualization for quite some time in our lab,” said Douglas Clark, chief executive officer at Métier. “We wanted to build upon our patent in this area to construct a completely unique method of visualizing project-related big data. The key to Knowledge Cubes is how simple it is to visualize the status of your portfolio using this technology. We are also pretty happy with how sleek and modern the cubes look in our platform’s limitless canvas. Workspaces for executives have just been elevated beyond static business intelligence reports to a rotating three dimensional customized cube that is generated on the fly.”
To view a video of Knowledge Cubes by Métier, request access here. If you are interested in using or licensing Métier’s technology, please contact sales(at)metier(dot)com to sign up as a customer or channel partner.
About Métier
Métier provides an award-winning business management and optimization platform that is built upon a foundation of industry-enhancing patents based on computational semantics. Métier’s platform combines project portfolio management software, big data analytics and business intelligence to ensure organizations are getting their ideas to market quickly and making improvements that affect the bottom line. Founded in 1998, Métier is headquartered in Healdsburg, CA and works with customers globally, across public and private sector industries. For more information about how Métier can help your organization, visit or call 1.877.965.9501.



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