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Marketing Automation With Salesforce Journey Builder

The future of marketing is “Marketing Automation”. Marketing Automation is a critical concept which cannot be explained in a single word but it can be defined in simple words as the use of appropriate software to automate the marketing processes such as customer segmentation, campaign management and a lot more which would otherwise had to be done manually. Thus it optimizes the utilization of time and effort and increases the efficiency to reach out to a larger section of the crowd to a great extent. Thus marketing automation has involuntarily become an integral part of the customer relationship management. 

Salesforce made a colossal promise and that is Marketing Automation. 

Marketers need to be farsighted enough to apprehend the complete journey people have with their brand and how to measure and optimize its impact on their business. Nowadays internet has added millions of channels for lead generation, customer acquisition and marketing. So it has become imperative to design an exuberant solution for the marketers which will make the customer management more effective and pleasurable. 

With this thought process Salesforce has launched the ‘Journey Builder’ which looks forward to visualize and manage all its customers irrespective of their location. It is not only event driven that initiates conversations with customers based on history, location, preferences, and real-time behavior but also supports visual journeys i.e. bring ideas to life, create the journey, and set it in motion. 

“Plan the journey. Personalize the experience. Optimize the results”…. is the motto of the Salesforce journey builder. 

So here we are going to discuss about each segment in detail. 

– Plan the journey 
– Personalize the experience 
– Optimize in Real-Time 
– Connect in entirely new ways 

In today’s close-knit and highly connected world, each and every customer interaction adds up to the value. Marketing Cloud allows you to make utmost of every touch point, giving you powerful tools to manage the customer journey like a cakewalk.

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