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Leading Blockchain & Entertainment Developer, Good Luck 3, Successfully raises $100,000 USD via Crowdfunding

FUKUOKA, Japan, Dec. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — App, Game, Drama, and Production Management Studio Good Luck 3, Inc., located in Fukuoka, Japan and led by CEO Kazuhisa Inoue, initiated a Crowdfunding campaign through “FUNDINNO” on November 27, 2019.

Within just 3 minutes of going live, the project received 10,000,000 JPY ($100,000 USD). This successful fundraising round will be used towards further growth of existing projects which a large emphasis on expanding their blockchain products, including Japan’s first blockchain game, Crypt-Oink, and blockchain content platform RAKUN.

Good Luck 3 Fundinno Project Page: https://fundinno.com/projects/104

Good Luck 3 seeks to bring forth a new form of economic activity via “play”, where blockchain technology is utilized to create a world of digital entertainment and content that is shared among users.

The RAKUN System was first implemented as of November, 2019 via the “Oinkbook”, a social media extension of Crypt-Oink Racing Friends. Quality activity within Oinkbook results in acquiring points which can be used to purchase exclusive content within Crypt-Oink. It is through this organic connection between blockchain and digital content that we aim to create a new era of entertainment.

About Crypt-Oink Racing Friends

Crypt-Oink Racing Friends is a blockchain-based video game in which players can breed, raise, and explore with strange cute creatures called “Cryptons”. Cryptons exist on Ethereum blockchain; over 3 trillion Cryptons exist and players can sell and trade them. Crypt-Oink stands as Japan’s first blockchain game, a product that falls under the lawful jurisdiction of Japan.



RAKUN utilizes Blockchain to create a seamless, borderless, secure game marketplace of entertainment content. 3rd parties as well can develop a top the engine. Within RAKUN services, an ERC20 Token called “RAKU” is issued and circulated. https://rakunworld.com/

About Good Luck 3

Founded in 2013, Good Luck 3 created hit social games such as the “Touch! Gudetama.” series and “Aerial Legends” which had nearly 4 million downloads. The new RAKUN blockchain platform is a fully-functional gaming ecosystem that offers Japan’s first Blockchain game, “Crypt-Oink”, a top DApp of 2018 & 2019, as well as other titles like Crypt-Idol. More titles will be added as the platform grows and RAKUN tokens are used to purchase content in-game or trade on exchanges.

For more information on the RAKUN project, visit https://www.rakunworld.com/

Company Overview

Company Name: Good Luck 3
Location: Fukuoka, Japan
CEO: Kazuhisa Inoue
Established: February, 2013
Services: Blockchain Products & Services, Smartphone Games and Apps, Local Media and Drama Production
URL: https://www.gl-inc.jp
For inquiries regarding this release, please contact: https://www.gl-inc.jp/contact_ir/

SOURCE Good Luck 3



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