Latest Version Of Analytics Solutions Announced By Agilysys

A  leading provider of innovative hospitality software solutions and services, Agilysys today announced general availability of the latest version of its business intelligence solution, Agilysys Analytics. The solution, which was already available to InfoGenesis™ POS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) customers, now enables on-premise InfoGenesis POS users to employ enhanced data analysis to gain insight into critical business performance metrics.

Agilysys Analytics is a comprehensive reporting, auditing and predictive analysis service for the hospitality industry. The solution quickly identifies staff trends that are affecting operations and guest experiences, allowing managers to improve business processes and reduce risk areas that might otherwise go unchecked. The solution also removes a multitude of manual reports and spreadsheets, reducing human error and the potential for data omissions or duplicate information.

Agilysys Analytics consolidates InfoGenesis POS data from across the enterprise into a single cloud service, providing managers with the insight required to address a number of hospitality challenges, including:

  • Loss Prevention – Enables customers to use data to determine exactly which profit centers are experiencing the greatest losses and drill down to the specific products, dates and servers associated with those losses.
  • Server/Cashier Performance Metrics – Allows customers to measure upselling performance across properties, recognize strong team members and identify opportunities for staff training.
  • Table Service Analytics – Enables customers to evaluate the effectiveness of menu engineering, restaurant design, managing lines, traffic, food delivery times, employee training and more.

“Every day, hospitality managers are making important decisions about how to improve guest service while increasing revenue,” said Maris Berzins, vice president of product engineering at Agilysys. “Our Analytics solution provides managers with the critical data needed to gain detailed insight into business operations. As a result, customers can avoid potential business pitfalls, make more informed decisions and create the lasting connections with guests that result in loyalty and repeat business.”

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