Kick About Transformation Around Cloud And Open Source By CIO’s

All businesses will adopt or are adopting cloud in some shape or form as the basis for transforming their IT infrastructures into more agile and flexible organizations.

Whether from government, telecoms, retail or even the highly regulated financial sectors, companies across the board are jumping on the cloud bandwagon in efforts to create a new model for IT.

According to an IDC survey conducted at the end of 2013, approximately half of the survey respondents indicated that they are planning on a private cloud strategy while the other half plan on rolling out a hybrid public and public cloud approach.

“It’s going to be a very diverse and complex environment out there for a number of years,” IDC Research VP Mary Johnston Turner. She added that diversity includes the use of different virtualization tools as well as underlying operating systems.

For CIOs that gathered in Singapore in late September at a roundtable hosted by Red Hat, the challenges they faced in adopting cloud computing revolved mainly around the need to modernize IT but at manageable cost and risk levels.

The discussion took place under “Chatham House rule” so speakers have not been identified by name.

Big change: One head of IT at an insurance company noted that cloud was being explored to improve client-facing applications, back-up operations as well as the possibility of leveraging cloud for new applications such as big data.

“The challenge we face in many cases today is scalability and open source options are something we want to look into but there are many factors and risks to be considered,” he added. CIO noted that his organization was spending a lot of resource on internal transformation and considering different cloud models to solve various business requirements but predicted the transition would be slow as legacy applications and systems provided migration challenges.

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