Intel And Micron Technology Introduced Jointly Developed 3D Nand Flash Memory Products

The two firms said that their 3D Nand flash chips are sampling today, with volume capacities expected in the second half of this year. Products based on the chips are expected to come to market at about the same time.
Giri Giridhar, vice president for non-volatile memory (NVM) technology development at Intel, said that his firm’s long-standing partnership with Micron had enabled them to “decisively extend Moore’s Law for flash storage and break out of the stagnation in cell densities” that the rest of the industry has been hit by.

The new products are based on floating gate transistor technology, but as with other 3D memory technologies, the memory cells can be stacked vertically instead of requiring a larger and larger two dimensional layout.
This first-generation 3D NAND is also architected to achieve better cost efficiencies than planar NAND. And the new tech offers high read/write bandwidth, I/O speeds and random read performance; contains new features to improve latency and increase endurance; and hosts new sleep modes to drive low-power use by cutting power.
Earlier this month, both SanDisk and StorTrends introduced new data centre flash storage arrays that pushed the cost to less than $1 per gigabyte for solid state storage for the first time.



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