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Information Rich, Knowledge Poor: Overcoming Insurers’ Data Conundrum

The ability to effectively harvest and harness data across the enterprise is quickly emerging as a competitive differentiator in the financial services industry. In the insurance sector specifically, a number of pioneers are already making healthy strides toward mastering information management, but for most companies that have not yet fully invested in this transformation, growing market mania around “Big Data” and looming regulatory changes that demand increased data transparency continue to generate considerable anxiety.

While many insurers have already spent and continue to spend heavily on core-system and technology modernization, most still find their efforts have fallen short of expectations and needs when it comes to information management. If data is expected to be realized as a strategic asset, insurers can no longer continue to merely tweak existing systems and business models to clear this data management hurdle.

However, operationalizing information management enterprise-wide is neither an easy nor short-term exercise, as demonstrated by programs already under way at companies that have pioneered the effort. But for many, the potential benefits to be derived from successfully organizing, governing, consuming and analyzing available data assets — both internal and external — are likely well worth the investment.

Still, to achieve holistic data fluency, optimize data exploitation and realize a positive ROI, insurers will need to dismantle numerous roadblocks embedded in their current infrastructure, hardware and software, corporate culture, and business models.

Information rich, knowledge poor explores challenges and potential solutions to mastering information management and realizing data as a strategic asset.

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