Indian, Chinese IT Companies Explore Tie-ups In The Field Of AI

Several Indian and Chinese IT companies on Wednesday got together in China’s port city of Dalian for cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence.

On the first India-China Dalian IoT (Internet of Things) Conference, the government officials and company representatives from both sides agreed that a lot can be done if India’s excellence in software technology and China’s expertise in hardware are brought together.

“Though India and China have made a mark in the global economy with domain expertise in software and hardware, the changing dynamics of the world call them to jointly build new solutions in automation, IoT and artificial intelligence,” it said.

About 30 delegates representing the Indian government and Indian firms and 50 delegates from the Chinese industry attended the event.

Dalian Mayor Xiao Shengfeng hoped the Indian software industry and the Chinese hardware industry strengthen communication, increase understanding and promote cooperation to achieve results in IoT, smart equipment manufacturing and big data analysis.

“We believe the conference serves as a platform for upgrading Dalian industries and drive the integration of the Indian IT industry and the strong manufacturing industry of Dalian,” said the Mayor on the occasion.

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