How to Use HPC On Cloud And Save Money

SANDEEP-LODHA-CEOTyrone-SystemsIf you are making a movie (like Avatar) that uses a lot of special effects, we wouldn’t have to convince you to use HPC with cloud–if you try to put together a server farm with the immense computing power needed to create the effects for a movie all on your own, the cost will be so high that you will overrun the movie’s budget and who knows, the movie may never get made because of this.

Even if you don’t want so much computing power, it still makes sense to use HPC on cloud. If you decide to do it without a cloud, you will need a full-blown data centre. You will have to buy or rent space for the DC, deal with the electricity, take care of the cooling, handle the hardware and get the middleware to manage the queuing.

You will also need to hire the people with the skills to manage the DC.

Additionally, you have to ensure optimum usage of your systems–if you bought a lot of HPC blades and the usage is 50 per cent, you CFO will ask you why you are wasting his money. Of course, if you don’t have enough HPC blades, system usage will be topping 90 per cent most of the time and your users will complain.

Even if you can manage all this, you still have one major problem–the cutting-edge systems used in HPC become obsolete very quickly. If your hardware lasts five years, you can feel very lucky indeed.

So, if you don’t use a cloud-based HPC solution, this is what happens:

l You will initially spend a lot of money on the DC, which increases your capital expenditure

l Your operational expenditure is high too because of all the cooling costs, rent and manpower

l Every few years, you will be spending a king’s ransom trying to upgrade obsolete hardware

In short, chances are high that you may spend more on the DC than on your core business!

You can avoid all this by using a cloud solution from Tyrone. HPC on the cloud solution gives all the benefits of HPC without any of the hassles. You get computing power as and when required and since you don’t own the DC, you don’t have to worry about cooling, real estate space for the DC, or the people needed to manage the systems. We will manage all these things, leaving you free to do your main job, be it oil exploration or drug discovery or designing the perfect potato chip!

(Author: Sandeep Lodha)

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