What Happens When Big Data And Energy Limits Collide?

By 2020, 40 billion connected devices will generate unprecedented amounts of data. This deluge of data threatens to outrun the supply of energy, and current strategies for improving IT energy efficiency are approaching their limits. Will Big Data slam the information technology industry into a power “wall?” The answer is “yes” – if we proceed with a business-as-usual approach. To take us far beyond today’s best energy solutions, we need new computing technologies such as system-on-chip (SOC) system on chip, new memory and storage technologies such as Memristor, and new network technologies such as photonics. Making the quantum leap to a dramatically more efficient level will require the synergistic combination of these technologies. Join Rob Schreiber, HP Labs Senior Research Scientist, to discover how these technologies can work together to solve some of the toughest Big Data and energy supply challenges we face today.

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