Hadoop Predictions 2015

Hadoop adoption and innovation is playing a critical role in today’s data economy, but where is this open source of Big data platform, heading in 2015? As per Forrester research Inc. there are 8 exciting trends for 2015

1)     Trust in the hype of Hadoop

Hadoop is fulfilling its promise for all data lakes whether traditional or advanced analytics. As a result those CIOs who are late for Hadoop will finally adopt this platform as priority in 2015


2)    Hadoop’s killer app, SQL

Forrester points out that SQL is the primary bridge for structured enterprise data and is used by developers to read and write data to databases hence a strong use predicted in 2015


3)  Hadoop’ s talent goes prevailing

CIOs won’t have to hire high-priced Hadoop consultants to get projects done. Hadoop projects will get done faster because the enterprise’s very own application developers and operations professionals know the data, the integration points, the applications, and the business challenges. Additional skills for more complicated applications, such as predictive analytics running inside Hadoop, can be built when needed over time, predicts Forrester.

4)     Hadoop in cloud

The Hadoop clusters require storage and network resources to run.  But that can lead to lots of idle on-premises resources. That’s where the cloud enters the picture. Enterprises can spin up a thousand nodes to perform a particular gnarly job for a few hours and then knock back the compute and network resources to next to nothing when not needed.

5)     Competition

Big enterprises vendors such as HP, SAP, Software Ag etc create their own Hadoop distribution.  Specialized public and private cloud distributions also will emerge, generating plenty of competition and customer choice.



Source: Forrester Hadoop Predictions 2015 (http://goo.gl/wijQT7)



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