GPU Buying Guide to Give You an Edge in your Work

In today’s time, there are very fewer tasks that you can do without a discrete Graphics Processing Unit or GPU in your laptops. Every laptop in the market comes with some level of onboard graphics power. As GPU is not upgradable, choosing the right one according to your needs becomes very important and a GPU buying guide can be helpful.

GPU capability is essential for gaming, video editing, graphic designing, programming and a lot of other tasks. All these tasks demand different levels of power from the GPU. It’s important to understand which GPU will be right for you.

GPU Buying Guide for Light Gaming and College Work
Students who need a laptop for their college work that can also handle some light gaming on the side, there are a lot of options in the market that come with decent battery life and are suitable for programs like Microsoft Office Suite. The Pavilion 14 by HP, for instance, is a good option to consider for routine college work. It comes with Intel i5 8th gen processor, 512 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM and Nvidia’s Mx150 Graphics that can handle light gaming for recreation. The type of laptop you need also depends upon what course you’re pursuing. Those pursuing engineering, for instance, might need to run specialized software like Matlab, Mathcad, CAD, etc. Here again, the software you choose depends upon which engineering stream you choose. The corresponding laptop required to run it will also vary. HP’s ZBook, for instance, with its Nvidia Quadro graphics, will be suitable here.

GPU Buying Guide for Gamers
This is a completely different breed of laptop users, focusing solely on gaming. Gamers, therefore, need to go for laptops that are designed specifically for them hardware-wise. Gaming machines are dedicated to delivering unmatched power and making sure that the gaming experience is smooth. Competitive gamers or streamers should opt for machines like these because these come with the latest hardware that can run any modern AAA gaming title smoothly and deliver a high number of FPS constantly. However, these laptops are not always the most comfortable to carry around because of their heavy form factor. Laptops like the HP Omen 15- ek0015TX offer a great price to performance ratio. Running on the latest Intel Core i5 10th Gen processor, it comes with 8 GB RAM. The Nvidia GTX 1650 (4GB, DDR6)makes it graphically sound. This combination of CPU and GPU makes sure that your gaming experience is lag-free.

For Graphics Designers, Engineers and Architects
On the other hand, if you are a graphics designer or run programs like AutoCAD or Adobe Suite on your laptop, then a gaming laptop is not going to cut it. Even though a gaming laptop comes with the latest hardware, one needs a professional-looking and feeling laptop that is easy to carry around to meetings and presentations. Plus, the aesthetics of a gaming laptop might be too loud sometimes for a professional’s liking. In that case, mobile workstations are the best choices that one can make. These laptops are built and designed keeping in mind the working professionals and are an apt choice for running various productivity programs. Most high-end mobile workstations come with touch-sensitive display panels that are a great tool for graphic designers and technical designers like Architects and Engineers. These workstations also come with Nvidia’s Quadro GPUs that are most suitable for these kinds of tasks.

HP’s offering, the ZBook Studio 360 is an all in one productivity option that comes with Intel Xeon processors, with memory expandable up to 64 GB and graphics handled by Nvidia’s Quadro P2000. The laptop comes with a very sleek and stylish form factor and is very lightweight and easy to carry around. Plus the touch-sensitive convertible display makes it convenient for the user to carry to the only device instead of two (laptop and tablet).

So there you have it. There’s a different GPU for every need. It’s important to understand the differences between them so that you don’t under or overspend on the wrong one.

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