Good Growth Opportunities in Asia Pacific Big Data Market till 2020

Asia Pacific Big Data market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 43% representing in huge opportunities in this sector, finds a new research report launched by NOVONOUS. This growth is driven by increasing penetration of big data, increase in analytics services and availability of affordable big data solution and services to end users. Asia Pacific Big Data market controls third largest market share at 14.50% in terms of revenue in Global Big Data market.

It is expected to maintain it’s market position even in 2020. India, South Korea, Japan, China and Australia are key countries in Asia Pacific Big Data market. Organizations worldwide are turning their attention to Big Data as a useful means to derive insights from the huge amount of data generated from various sources. Technologies such as NoSQL databases and MapReduce/Hadoop frameworks are at the core of the solutions heralding a paradigm shift.

This research found that high investment costs, lack of awareness and novelty have been the main threats for new entrants in the Big Data space. There are a few major players who control the entire value chain. However, many smaller players have mushroomed who provide consulting in the Analytics space. This research also found that most organizations misunderstand Big Data and it is important to educate the end users through face to face interactions.

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