Going For Cloud? 3 Ways To Minimize The Cloud Peril

While all of know about the hidden challenges of cloud computing

Here are 3 ways in which you can minimize the perils and put your best foot forward while investing in cloud:

  • Calculate the Total Cost of Operation–  The prices for cloud on demand and other such services are available from 2 cents to 1 $ an hour. Though that sounds cheap, but do ponder over any hidden costs or additional costs  (e.g. how the costs rise if you scale up, additional Iaas services available and at what cost,  VM sprawl scenario etc.)


  • Risk Mitigation: Your cloud service provider should work like your partner, in that it should guide you about the most comprehensive and apt system that conforms to national and international compliances like PCIDSS or HIPPA and suits your business needs. As a consumer you should know the risks levels for your data and how the service provider guards against the same.  Ask for customer case studies and understand how they measure and combat risks of data loss.


  • Business Understanding- As a customer this is very critical. Your service provider needs to have understanding of your vertical and your business. If they deploy experts from your vertical, they are serious and they care about your vertical.
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