Dr. Amr Awadallah (Cloudera Cofounder and CTO) to Invest at DATA RPM

The chief provider of Smart Machine Insights Data RPM, discloses the participation of Dr AMR Awadallah (Cloudera Cofounder and CTO) as a Super advisor in Data RPM. They also adds that it has raised aditional funding from Dr Awadallah as he also joins the venture funds interWest Partners, CIT CAP Funds and 20000 industries as investors in DATARPM, lending his technical advice and industry expertise to the team

With his expertise in real time implementations of Big Data platforms at hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies, Dr. Awadallah looks at DataRPM to not only be the innovator in machine learning and natural language analytics, but to continuously search for the next breakthrough which bridges the gap between raw data and actionable insights.

“DataRPM’s Smart Machine Insights is advancing the frontier of data analytics,” explains Dr. Awadallah. “The company is attempting to disrupt the way we have been accustomed to doing analytics to a much wider audience than ever before,” he says. “DataRPM’s participation within this disruption has allowed its customers to democratize data access, thus allowing anybody in the organization to review the machine led insights and then ask questions of the underlying data in an easy-to-use natural language interface,” he continued.

“I like companies that are innovating on the status quo of data science, which I saw clearly in DataRPM. Furthermore, the opportunity to invest in founders Sundeep, Ruban and Gautam made this a rather easy decision,” he added. The new funding will be used to continue the expansion of DataRPM’s engineering team.

Before co-founding Cloudera in 2008, Dr. Awadallah was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Accel Partners. Prior to joining Accel he served as Vice President of Product Intelligence Engineering at Yahoo!, and ran one of the very first organizations to use Hadoop for data analysis and business intelligence. Amr & Ruban, co-founder & Chief Product Officer, DataRPM worked in the same group at Yahoo. Amr joined Yahoo after they acquired his first startup, VivaSmart, in July of 2000. Amr holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt, and a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

DataRPM will be demonstrating its award-winning machine led insights platform, its newest product that includes inferential analytics, and it will be signing up a limited number of beta applicants at the Strata + Hadoop World conference in San Jose from February 17-20.

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