DNA The Next Storage Frontier For Big Data

There is a very interesting way of defining the volume of big data, that I Read at the PLOS BIOLOGY website. They say that the  big heads of Big Data by   2025 would be YouTube, Twitter and Astronomy and Genomics.

We will need newer tools to analyse that quantum and veracity of data. An earlier news  from Harvard stated that bacteria in the average human stomach can store more data than the most advanced computer hard drives available today should be a harbinger of things to come.

As per todays Times of India, Researchers have announced that DNA can be tweaked to save unprecedented amounts of digital data for at least 2,000 years. Undoubtedly DNA is the next big thing for storage of big data.

A key advantage of DNA data storage is that electricity is not required. Another advantage is genetically encoded information could store, encrypt and secure data better than any technology currently available. Nevertheless, it’s not enough to simply store the information over long periods of time without substantial damage; the data must also be able to be read free of error.

Thanks to advancement in new technology, scientists are now using something akin to a space communication technology to be able to retrieve lost data or make meaning of data with errors

The  price of data storage is huge right now, approximately USD  2000 for 83kb of data. But the cost will also come down as has the cost for DNA sequencing that has come down from millions of dollars to about USD,50000.

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Image Source: pixabay.com

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