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Data As The New Oil: Producing Value In The Oil And Gas Industry

Oil and gas exploration and production activities generate large amounts of data from sensors, logistics, business operations and more. Given the data volume, variety and velocity, gaining actionable and relevant insights from the data is challenging. Learn about these challenges and how to address them by leveraging big data technologies in this webinar.

During the webinar we will dive deep into approaches for predicting drilling equipment function and failure, a key step towards zero unplanned downtime. In the process of drilling wells, non-productive time due to drilling equipment failure can be expensive. We will highlight how the Pivotal Data Labs team uses big data technologies to build models for predicting drilling equipment function and failure. Models such as these can be used to build essential early warning systems to reduce costs and minimize unplanned downtime.

Rashmi Raghu, Senior Data Scientist, Pivotal​

Hosted by:
Tim Matteson, Co-Founder — Data Science Central

Video replay is available to watch here:



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