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Data In. Data Out. Transforming Big Data Into Smart Ideas

Data is a growing priority for communications professionals. With investments by Fortune 1000 companies greater than $10million projected to grow from 35% to 75% by 2017, Big Data is increasingly the currency of today’s Information Age. ‘Data In. Data Out. Transforming Big Data into Smart Ideas,’ underlines the importance of both capturing the right data in the first place (input), as well as analyzing that data and reaching the right insights (output). 

The publication features seven articles from MSLGROUP and SapientNitro experts, each taking a look at Big Data from a different perspective. Six inspiring data-driven creative initiatives are also featured, including examples from Netflix and McDonald’s. 

With plans unveiled this month for the proposed European Digital Single Market, ‘Data In. Data Out.’ additionally features an overview of the project, current status, and implications for businesses that are considering or already implementing data activities. 

We hope you enjoy reading this report and invite you to share your feedback and tips with us @PeoplesLab or reach out to us on Twitter @msl_group.

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