Cycle Computing Deploys 50,000 Cores In Less Than 25 Minutes

HPC, petaflop

Cycle Computing, the leader in cluster Cloud computing, announced today it has created the world’s largest enterprise Cloud computing run by leveraging more than 70,000 cores on AWS for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company. The manufacturing company tapped Cycle Computing’s software to reduce the amount of time required to run a workload that took 30 days down to just 8 hours.

The workload was accelerated by a Cloud cluster with 70,908 cores measuring 729 tera FLOPS (trillions of floating point calculations per second at peak), and would be comparable to the 63rd fastest supercomputer in operation today, all for just $5,593.94. The impact to the business is to reduce time to market of new and innovative products.

It took Cycle Computing just three days from the initial request to run a workload this large, until the workload was completed, and the manufacturing company’s engineering team had its results. Cycle Cloud is the leading software for creating Technical Computing and HPC (high performance computing) clusters in the Cloud, from modest sized systems of 64-6,400 cores to systems that rank as some of the fastest computers in the world (156,000+ cores).

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