Cognizant Infrastructure Automation Value Proposition

As businesses adapt to increasingly dynamic markets, winning in today’s connected world requires an intelligent, elastic, and extensible IT infrastructure that can advance corporate strategy and execution. To elevate and broaden their value proposition, IT departments must automate recurring processes. And companies need to align their automation agenda to ‘Run the Business’ and ‘Transform the Business’ objectives. This will enable a business to augment employee focus and outcomes, enhance product lines, boost business unit performance, and enable the launch of new business models.

A common mistake is to run automation in isolated pockets with the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, leading to future issues. The goal should be to steer towards ‘Integrated Automation’ and ‘Business Facing Automation’. ‘Integrated Automation’ is about being agnostic to technology, hence making an integrated automation engine possible, with the flexibility to plug into an existing legacy investment, and manage both cloud-based and On-premise IT services.

‘Business Facing Automation’ is about powering an always-on business… converging machine and user data to enable real-time business decisions. At the same time, it must speed up ‘Time to Market’, augment current business models, and help launch new business models.

Many companies have embarked on their automation journey, either evaluating options or already in the process of implementing automation in their environments. It’s important to first identify what they want to achieve through automation: reduce or avoid costs, enhance end-user experience, provide an always-available infrastructure to support a digital business transformation, and increase service availability.

Automation is not only about removing or reducing the human effort, it’s about elevating employees to high-skilled areas by automating standardized tasks.

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